About Us

iris stock

Iris Stock is a premium stock provider of photos, vectors, videos and animations. These royalty-free and rights managed images and video are provided online by on demand or subscription mode.

We have an experience of more than two decades in photography, printing, sign-making and advertising industry. We have an in-house studio and our dedicated team comprising of photographers, graphic designers, editor and cinematographers have created the content respectively.

We have one of the largest collections of Indian food photos and have photographed more than 6000 types of food (over 25000 photographs) covering different cuisines for the past few years. The need to present the subject in a better way made us source traditional, ethnic, contemporary crockery and backgrounds for the food photography from various places.

All photographs available on the website have been shot in high-resolution medium format camera by our professional photographers and are owned by iris stock.

At iris stock, we are always trying to bring the best out of our team to give you worthy images to suit your creative needs, cost effectively. At present we are launching with more than fifteen thousand images and videos.

Quality of Visuals

The urge to give high-resolution photographs made us opt for high-resolution medium format camera; the size of the image captured is considerably larger with high dynamic range. The details and resolution of the photograph is higher when compared with other variants. The reproduction of such photographs delivers the optimum quality, depth and details, and best option for large size reproductions.

Our prime focus was to make the food look natural and appetizing, the food photographed was made by quality chefs. Lots of effort was put in to garnishing and decorating the food wherever necessary. Appropriate crockery like plates, platters, dip plates and other traditional methods of serving food like banana leaves were used to make the visuals more engaging. On some occasions food stylists were also engaged.

The lighting set for the food to be photographed was done accordingly to make the food look natural and appetizing. The photographs are well composed for multi user end. All the images are colour corrected.

The same type of food was also shot in different angles and focus points, using different crockeries and backgrounds. Our aim is to give our subscribers better choice of images to select and use for their suitable needs.